User Friendly GUI

  • Widget based interface
  • Option to choose from predefined templates
  • User friendly navigation menu

Visual Classroom Management

  • Creating and scheduling class online
  • Sharing whiteboard
  • Text and Video Chats (Individual or Broadcast)

Social Learning

  • Use of social tools for learning
  • Blog module
  • Use of Profile, Events, Calendar and Polls


  • Assignments
  • Grading
  • Tests and surveys
  • Options to set time limit, attempt limit, compulsory question etc

User Management

  • Anaging user profiles
  • Saff roles
  • Guest access
  • Option to change their status e.g. "enrolled", "completed" etc
  • Assigning classes to learners

Progress Tracking

  • Time spent by the learner on a course
  • Time spent on each assessment
  • Assessment score
  • Details of student response to each question attempted

Services We Provide

  • Learn on move.
  • Give online exam, check the result and see the grades.
  • Buy courses online and start learning.
  • We provide demo courses to the users.

Technology We Use

  • use mobile app to learn easily.
  • we use messaging technique.
  • We send emails to the users to confirm if he/she buys any courses.