Learning On The Go

  • Access your live online classes on go.
  • Get course content including ppt, pdf, word documents, videos etc. Access learning materials instantly, whenever you need them.
  • Receive notifications through email / messages / mobile of upcoming live classes, assignments, and tests.
  • Interact with students and teacher during online discussions, and get the guidance and answers you need to improve your performance.

Learning Just-In-Time

  • eduArcade has a range of course tools and features that promote online learning experience more enjoyable.
  • Features include: Whiteboards, Video and text chatting, Discussion forums, Online quizes (any type of objective questions), Subjective questions with the feature of annotation to assess, Social approach of learning (Post and comment), Keep track of enrolled users attendance and many more.
  • Features helps to make e-library of courses and give access to users.
  • It also allows you to sell courses using online or with discounted coupons.

Learning From Videos

  • eduArcade uses Amazon's global infrastructure to provide users with the best and most reliable content delivery experience possible.
  • Enjoy complete control over your video-based teaching. Control access and permissions yourself

Learning from Tests

  • An online tool which helps you to create any kind of assessment that is flexible and controllable .
  • Create question/quiz builder using question pool on random or on selection basis.
  • Assign tags to each question of your type e.g. question difficulty level, question from which topic, lesson etc. You can create your own customised tag.
  • Take any type of test - Adaptive test, Time based test, Security based test, Schedule tests for future etc.
  • Get the grade analysis, provision to review quiz again.